BMW was one of the last automakers to add Android Auto to its vehicles, and owners with compatible cars still have to go to the dealer to get the update. That's changing soon, though; BMW has just announced that an over-the-air update will start rolling out "over the coming weeks."

According to BMW, around 750,000 vehicles worldwide equipped with BMW's iDrive 7 system will be receiving the update soon. Cars produced after July 2020 came with the Android Auto software included, but any that left the factory before then will need the update. You can read about my experience with BMW's wireless Android Auto; it's a bit buggy, but it's better than nothing. Perhaps BMW has ironed some of the issues out since then. It seems that BMW is also revising its in-car navigation interface, though we doubt many of you will want to use it if you have Android Auto.

The update is hitting BMWs in Germany starting October 19th, and will be in a staged rollout to Europe, US, Canada, China, and other markets over the next few weeks. BMW tells us that the update should start hitting those of us stateside in around two weeks. To be clear, this is a free update, and eligible cars will receive a push notification in the car and through the BMW Connected app when the update is available. After all files are downloaded, the update shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to complete.