Verizon may be pushing its 5G mmWave network hard (even if it's of doubtful utility), but it's not actually the only 5G tech on big red's roadmap. Like T-Mobile, it's pushing a lower-band "Nationwide" solution as well, and an update will soon be rolling out to select 5G phones delivering access to that more far-reaching network. Furthermore, new 5G phones on Verizon will have it at launch.

The news comes courtesy of a short confirmation on Twitter by Verizon PR Manager George Koroneos. According to reports, the update is already rolling out for some Samsung 5G devices. While we don't have a complete list of phones expected to get the tech, I'd imagine many of the recent "5G UW" branded phones will probably see it enabled with subsequent updates.

Unfortunately, early reports indicate the low-band 5G connection may actually be slower for some than their existing 4G LTE connection — an issue we have also experienced on T-Mobile. Speeds likely can and will vary by market, but it's not a good indicator, especially since you have to pay more money for Verizon-compatible 5G devices.

Previously, Verizon was asked to pull misleading ads regarding its 5G network. It's also purchasing Tracfone, and it rolled out a new Unlimited Plus plan for 5G-connected tablets.