Google Search has long been able to identify songs playing nearby. After waiting anxiously for it to arrive, it finally rolled out for Google Assistant in 2017. Now Google's music identifying capabilities are getting an upgrade: finding the song stuck on the tip of your tongue is now as easy as humming into your phone.

The SoundHound-like functionality works about like you'd expect it to — just hum 10-15 seconds of a song and Google will bring up likely matches identified by its machine-learning smarts. When you hum, Google turns the audio into a sequence of numbers representing the basic melody. Since it identifies music by its unique tonal "fingerprint," it also works when whistling or singing.

The hum-to-search feature is rolling out starting today in Google Search and on the Google Assistant. Google says it's available in English on iOS and in more than 20 languages on Android — but doesn't humming transcend language? To try it out for yourself, simply ask Google "what's this song" and then start humming that cloyingly catchy tune you just can't place.