Confirming an earlier teardown and statements from Fitbit around launch time, Google is continuing to assure us that Assistant is coming to recent Fitbit wearables "this winter." Fitbit's latest Sense and Versa 3 will be both be supported, bringing the convenience of Google's hands-free smart digital assistant to your wrist without the overhead of Wear OS.

Google's light on details, but we know the Assistant integration will work with on-device features like starting exercises, as well the traditional Assistant activities like timers, tasks, shopping list management — you get the idea. Teardown details earlier confirmed that you can only have one virtual assistant enabled at a time on those devices, so selecting the Assistant means you can't use Alexa.

So far, this is the biggest user-facing change or Google service integration to come from the company's impeding (but as-yet incomplete) Fitbit acquisition, which could close any day now.

Assuming Google sticks to the formal definition of winter, we'll be waiting until the tail-end of 2020 before this release finally drops.