Lots of folks go out of their way to emulate the Pixel software experience on other (often better) phones. There are ROMs dedicated to it, launchers that mimic it, and modified apps you can sideload, too. Today's news falls into that last category, and you can now download and install the new live wallpapers from the Pixel 5 on most phones running Android 7.0 and later.

The port comes courtesy of Pranav Pandey and is easily installed on most devices. We gave it a try on our OnePlus 8T, and it works, bringing both the new Moving Shadows and Stepping Stones live wallpapers to the phone. There are some limitations, like the Stepping Stones wallpaper may not work right on non-Qualcomm phones, and you'll need to be on Android 8.1 or later to get the added bonus of a matching System UI color (you'll also have to download the separate Android 8.1+ version).

If you're running another ported version of the Pixel Wallpapers from an earlier Pixel phone, this new app won't interfere with them either, so you can have all the Pixel wallpaper ports installed at the same time if you want, though certain devices will also need the Google Wallpapers app to set these live wallpapers. That app, thankfully, has wide compatibility on the Play Store.

To get started, check out the XDA Forum thread here for detailed instructions. Or, you can just dive in and sideload one of the two links below at our sister site APK Mirror — though your phone may end up needing extra steps.

It's still technically a "test," so report back to the XDA thread with logcats if you run into issues, and don't act entitled if it doesn't work right. Another in-development live wallpaper was also spotted hidden inside the app, as well as some other features, so we might see those surface across subsequent releases over time.