Not all camera apps are the same, and Adobe set out to prove that with the Photoshop Camera. Making heavy use of AI, Adobe aims to stylize photos based on what it can detect in the scene. The latest update to v1.1 builds on this goal, but also introduces some of the features found in more traditional apps, like switching between cameras and setting a timer for shots.

This update includes the standard performance improvements and bug fixes, and also introduces a few new languages. No details were given, but the changelog also references enhancements to Sensei that will make it more capable at detecting everything in your scene.

What's New

• We have improved the ability for Sensei to detect subjects more accurately and precisely.
• For compatible devices, we now allow you to switch between available physical lenses on the device.
• You requested and we added the Timer function.
• We support 5 more languages: Korean, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
• Performance improvements.

This update also adds a countdown timer so you can tap the shutter button and have time to straighten out the scene before the photo is taken. You can find the timer setting in the little 3-dot menu at the top center of the camera interface. Like many other cameras, there are 3 options: No countdown, 3 seconds, and 10 seconds.

The other big feature allows users to switch camera lenses. And just to be clear — not that anybody was going to be confused — we're talking about switching between physical cameras, not the software filters Adobe calls "lenses." This appears to not work on the Pixel 4 or 5 due to implementation details in the camera, but should work on other phones without a problem. Perhaps Adobe can add support for the Pixel line in later updates.


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Photoshop Camera Photo Filters
Photoshop Camera Photo Filters
Developer: Adobe
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