Like every year, Amazon is discounting a lot of its products for Prime Day, a moment a lot of people eagerly wait for, so they can snatch Echo or Kindle devices at a steal. This year, the retailer is selling its third-generation Echo Dot for just $19, which is $21 cheaper than its normal price tag.

But what if you prefer to use Google Assistant? Well, you're in for a treat, as the latest generation Nest Mini is also on sale, currently down to $30, representing a $20 markdown compared to its regular price. Sure, that's $11 more than the Echo Dot, but at least you're getting the newest model, instead of the outdated one.

The Nest Mini is a a great compact speaker and can perfectly do the job if you're looking for a small device. In fact, it can hear you better than the first generation, making it easier to interact with Assistant, while offering better audio. In our review, we liked the device's sound quality and ability to be paired with another device, but were disappointed by its barrel power cord.

All colors are currently on sale for $30, just pick your preferred retailer from the list below to get yours today.