Bit by bit, Google is stripping Play Music (GPM) away from the service's loyal users, gnawing at every feature and integration, and switching it over to YouTube Music. The latest victim is the Assistant integration which lets you play your music on Home, Nest, and third-party speakers and displays.

If you head over to your Assistant's settings (here's the fastest way) and look for the Music section, you won't likely find GPM among the available options anymore. It's been removed, and YouTube Music is replacing it — though not in all countries yet.

Several of our tipsters noticed the disappearance of GPM from these settings even though they'd set it as Assistant's default music provider. And it seems that the break-up isn't just visual, but all-encompassing. You can no longer play your GPM music on your smart speakers and displays, unless you've moved those tracks to YouTube Music. Your playback history will also be logged to the latter.

The demise of GPM is upon us and if you haven't already said your goodbyes and made your peace, now's the right time to do that.

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