iRobot produces several series of Roombas, but brands them differently based on which channel they're selling on. Depending on where you got it, each of them may be just a bit different from each other. Sometimes, they're one and the same. On Amazon for Prime Day, we've got three tiers of Roomba on a deep-clean discount.

The Roomba 692 is the entry-level option in this trio. Brushing and suctioning helps loosen and lift away dirt, a cadre of sensors helps the robot navigate the grounds and come back to its charging station when it runs low on its 90-minute battery. All of this with the scheduling and programming support of Alexa and Google Assistant. It usually sells for $300, but it's just $200 for Prime Day.

Stepping up a tier to the Roomba 981, you're getting ten times the suction power of the 692, visual navigation, and row-tracking navigation. When it runs low on battery, it remembers where to return to once it's done charging. All of that for $400 today and tomorrow, $200 off.

And then you've got the Roomba i6+. It has all of the above plus the ability to dispose its own dirt into its base station for up to 60 days. That kind of autopiloting is pretty powerful and it'll cost you $600 — $200 off. The equivalent Roomba i7+ that iRobot sells direct to consumers is currently $800.

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