Google released the company's newest laptop, the Pixelbook Go, last year alongside the Pixel 4. It's a beautifully designed computer with specs that go up against the best in the category. We liked it, but the price was too high for most people to seriously consider buying it. Right now, though, Amazon is offering savings of up to $200 on select Pixelbook Go models like the top-of-the-line i7 variant with 16GB of RAM.

The Pixelbook Go can go toe-to-toe with other high-end laptops thanks to an 8th Gen Intel i7 Processor and 16GB of RAM. Considering that Chrome OS is built to run on lower-end hardware, this should make the experience buttery smooth on Google's flagship Chromebook. Chrome OS might have started as a cloud-based operating system, but the Pixelbook Go has a full 256GB of storage. It also lasts up to twelve hours on a charge while weighing barely two pounds.

If you want the most Google-y computer you can get, this is the laptop for you. It has Google's Titan C security chip built-in to make the already secure Chrome OS operating system even safer. Instant tethering lets you share your Pixel's LTE connection with the laptop instantly, and it will likely be one of the first in line to get new improvements coming to Chromebooks.

Amazon is offering $200 off the i7 processor model for Prime members, but you can also get the slightly slower i5 version for around $90 off at $909.09. If you're willing to go all-in on Chrome OS, you won't do much better than the Pixelbook Go — especially that gorgeous Not Pink color 🥵.