Google’s Pixel Stand is a fun little wireless charger designed specifically for Pixel phones that conjures up an interactive interface, complete with Google Assistant. Those who own the accessory will be pleased to learn that the charger is learning a few new tricks thanks to a recent update, and in addition to all that Assistant stuff, the Stand will now also give access to smart home controls when your Pixel is docked.

Android 11 got its power menu overhauled to serve multiple functions, including giving you quick access to your saved cards and controls for all your connected devices. Something similar to the latter is now coming to the interface that pops up when you throw your phone on the Pixel Stand. The latest companion app for the accessory delivers those capabilities (shown below) along with the option to pick individual smart appliances (like the ones you use more frequently) to show up on that screen.

To get started with the feature, find the Pixel Stand setting inside your phone’s main Settings app. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see a new option called Home control, as shown in the screenshot above. Click on that and follow the steps to reach the section that shows a categorized list of connected devices in your smart home setup for you to choose from.

Once done, you can now see quick controls for your smart devices on your Pixel’s always-on display when it’s charging on the Stand. You’ll need a compatible Pixel phone running Android 11 to get the new features. You can download the Pixel Stand v1.4.0 from APK Mirror.