It's been a hot minute since Google announced a big v2 update to its Recorder app for Pixel phones. With it comes the ability to make edits not just around waveforms, but by words in the automatically-generated transcript. Well, that update is rolling out in baby steps right now, but it's also available to sideload through APK Mirror.

Users will now see a scissor icon at the top when reviewing their clips. Tapping it brings them to the editing interface where they select a region and then opt to either crop to it or remove it from the recording. The same lasso method goes with the transcript.

Recorder is available to some right now on the Play Store. It's also available on APK Mirror to sideload, but you'll likely have trouble getting it to install if you're on Android 11 — our best guess as to why has to do with v4 of the APK signature scheme as the OS is looking for a new signature file that may be missing, but we can't entirely say for sure.

We were able to install the app on our Android 10 devices, though, so if you have one of those, give it a go.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free