Facebook has been working on unifying Instagram's messaging system with its own Facebook Messenger app since earlier this summer, and now the company is announcing a refreshed look for Messenger complete with new chat themes, custom reactions, and a more colorful logo.

The Messenger app has become a lot more than just a simple chat client recently. With virtual chat rooms and even the Watch Together feature, Facebook is giving users a lot of choices in how to connect with each other. To reflect this "shift to the future of messaging," the service is getting a new logo with a more dynamic gradient design similar to Instagram.

Along with the logo comes a handful of new chat themes (tie-dye sounds sweet), a different default chat color, and custom reactions. Support for Android 11's bubbles are being added, too. More features like selfie stickers and "vanish mode" are coming soon as well to make chatting more personal. And the Messenger experience on Instagram will be fully rolled out to all users in North America soon.

All these shiny new things are nice and all, but remember when Facebook redesigned Messenger to be a simpler app focused on quicker communication? It feels a little like that goal is being forgotten now. Oh well, at least the new logo looks pretty good.

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