Two things that apparently just won't die are coming together in some kind of union — Google Meet is headed for beta tests in workplaces that have deployed Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

Google had been testing its new videoconferencing experience with its Glass-donning engineers at its data centers as a way for them to communicate issues and teach trainees in a similar environment, but also in a socially-distanced manner. And, indeed, it does make sense for the workforce in a facilities-based industry to congregate like this.

Of course, we're talking about Google Meet, a service originally meant just for business which is rearing its head everywhere it can and not getting out of your head anytime soon, and Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, the company's 2020 attempt at keeping eyewear tech alive long after its consumer-tilted ambitions have come asunder. Guess you could say this match was made in purgatory.

Those who are interested in joining the program can apply at this link and list the Google Meet for Glass beta as a response to "How do you think Glass could help your business?"