If Prime Day shopping has led you to picking up some fun new gear, there's a decent chance you're also looking for some accessories to make the best of it. One of the most common add-ons you'll need for that new drone or camera is some extra storage. It will come as no surprise that Amazon has you covered there, too — microSD cards, SD cards, thumb drives, SSDs, hard drives, and even NAS systems in any capacity for any particular situation.

The deals range anywhere from a moderate 20% off to a pretty extreme 50% off for the duration of Prime Day. While everybody has different needs, there are certainly some obvious go-to items for some people.

  • Drone owners — you'll be filling up microSD cards quickly, especially while traveling, so it's worth picking up some big cards like the 512GB (only $80) and 1TB (only $183) microSD cards from SanDisk. They're rated at U3 and V30 speeds (fast write) so they can keep up with 4K recording.
  • Nintendo Switch — there are always new games coming out, and you'll want somewhere to store your library. It may as well be on the 256GB card from Sandisk for $43.
  • Travel — If you're collecting a lot of video or photos and don't want to crowd your laptop, or maybe you want to travel with a big collection of movies and TV shows, there's nothing like a good portable SSD. Sandisk has its tiny external SSDs available, including a 2TB Extreme Pro drive for $285.
  • Camera — Don't waste time switching cards if you don't have to, just get a big SD card right away so you don't have to fiddle with cards as often as you fiddle with batteries. Get a 512GB card for just $120.

The list goes on, including some great discounts from Western Digital, Sandisk, and a couple others. Hit the link below to browse the entire selection of storage discounts. And of course, check out the rest of Amazon's Prime Day deals we've spotted.