Google Maps may be getting a new driving mode, but it turns out that the engineers over there are having some fun with more trivial things as well. The Maps app has just added three vehicle icons that you can opt to replace the car navigation icon with, though you likely won't.

We were first tipped off about the icons over the weekend by a reader who noticed them in the Android Auto view of Google Maps, but they're available in regular Maps navigation as well.  The icons consist of a red sedan, a yellow SUV, and a green pickup truck. They're kind of funky looking and not exactly pleasing to the eye when placed on the map. Waze's options are easier on the eyes.

All you have to do to change them is tap the standard navigation marker icon when you're in Google Maps navigation, and the option should pop up. Google's support page says that the feature isn't yet available, but this seems to be a pretty widespread rollout if it hasn't hit all devices already.

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  • Amr Al-Omari