T-Mobile lost CEO/hype man John Legere earlier this year, but the cellular company is still cooking up some crazy marketing stunts. For its latest concoction, T-Mobile partnered with Betty Crocker to make a layer cake. But not just any kind of cake — this one's all about 5G.

See, the layers of the cake tie in to the T-Mobile network's layers of 5G connectivity. “When it comes to 5G, you’ve got to have layers," said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile. "Unfortunately for them, AT&T and Verizon’s 5G networks don’t have the right ingredients, like clear 5G spectrum in all three bands.”

The company is using this ploy to communicate to customers that it has spectrum in all three sections: low, mid, and high-band. If you need a brief refresher on how this enables better connectivity, the low band isn't that fast, but covers the most area, while the high band is capable of being super speedy, but only for small, dense areas.

A handful of sweet tooths got to try out this limited-edition Betty Crocker T-Mobile official Supercharged 5G Un-carrier Layer Cake for free at T-Mobile5GLayerCake.com, but the proverbial shelves appear to be empty now. T-Mobile says users can follow @NevilleRay and @TMobile on Twitter for more chances to win a box of the cake mix.

Baking a cake is nice and all, but just because T-Mobile uses layers for baking and networking doesn't mean it has a perfect 5G recipe in reality.