Plenty of us have ogled Samsung's Note series phones, thinking, "one day." They're great devices, but they usually come at an astronomical price, with the Note10 still sitting at $950 MSRP. As it turns out, though, today might be that day: you can grab an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note10 for its lowest price yet of $550 ($400 off) on Microsoft's eBay store.

You know when you're buying a Note device that you're going to get a big ol', fancy display — the Note10 comes with a 6.3" OLED with HDR10+. The phone also comes with a Snapdragon 855 and eight gigabytes of RAM, to help keep your device snappy and responsive. On top of that, you get the S-Pen, which, while it may feel gimmicky at first, becomes an absolute must once you get used to it, as we pointed out in our breakdown of the phone's best and worst features.

Speaking of the worst features, there are a few downsides to the Note10 — there's no headphone jack, for instance — but most of its negatives are in comparison to the Note10+. The smaller phone has a 1080p display as opposed to 1440p, has eight gigs of RAM compared to the 10+'s 12GB, and has 256GB of internal storage, compared to the larger phone's 512.

If you can look past the feature disparities, you're getting a heck of a phone for a heck of a price. Grab the Samsung Galaxy Note10 in Aura Black for the crazy-low price of $550 ($400 off) on eBay today.