If you're looking for an affordable Samsung smartwatch, but last week's Galaxy Watch Active2 LTE refurb deal didn't tickle your fancy, the Galaxy Watch is currently $169 for a 42mm model and $189 for a 46mm version at Amazon. And yes, this is the one with the cool physical rotating bezel.

The Galaxy Watch was released in late 2018. In our review, we found there was lots to like, including the design and build quality, the battery life, the nifty rotating bezel, Samsung's excellent fitness tracking, and its good notification handling. There were a few drawbacks, including the lack of MST for Samsung Pay and the lack of Google Assistant, but at $169, they're a bit easier to overlook.

$169 buys you a 42mm Galaxy Watch in rose gold, and you can add $20 for a 46mm model in silver. These are brand-new US models, and they come with a year of factory warranty. Best Buy also has the 46mm model for $189.99. Shipping is free from both of these retailers.