Your door lock is all mangled up and now, every time you're stepping into your house, you've gotta make your key dance just to hit the right hammers. Time to replace it, right? Why not smarten it up with a Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt and keypad? Eufy's new Security Smart Lock, which came out just under 2 months ago, is $50 off right now with an on-page coupon and a promo code.

Of course, nothing works if the deadbolt can't hold itself together and Eufy — a subsidiary of phone accessory maker Anker — claims it's able to up to 1,122 kg of weight, weather resistance (IPX3), and temperatures as extreme as 70°C to -30°C. The Security Smart Lock works solely on Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi, so that it arms itself based solely on whether a paired device is nearby. The keypad, which runs on two AA batteries and lasts up to 12 months, stores your keypad PIN with AES-128 encryption.

The lock is compatible with lever handles, so if you've been meaning to replace that knob, well, here's your chance.


The smart lock sells most days for a price of $150, but if you hit up Amazon today, clip their on-page coupon, then head to checkout and put in promo code PDEF850099, you'll get a full $50 off and be able to take it home for just $100.