We were profoundly impressed with the performance of Google's new Nest Audio in our recent review. As we wait for the rest of the Launch Night In products like the Pixel 5 to actually materialize, the Nest Audio is currently available and shipping. So we're curious to know: Did you buy one?

Old and busted, new hotness.

The new Nest Audio has some substantial improvements over the original Google Home. Among other things, it swaps the original's lonely 50mm driver for two: a 75mm woofer and 19mm tweeter. It also crams in quite a lot more interior space for superior volume and bass, plus a new machine learning chip for more and better on-device command recognition. Ostensibly it's able to learn from you to improve performance over time (at a minimum, remembering and onboarding your most frequently-used commands), but either way, it's faster than it was before.

Frankly, we think it's a bargain at $99, and it earned our coveted Most Wanted accolade. The only potential bummer is the lack of hardware audio input.

So have you picked up one — or maybe even more than one?

Did you buy a Nest Audio?

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