Wireless earbuds are all the rage these days. Devialet, a manufacturer based in France, is best known for making high-end speakers, and now it's taking its expertise in audio and translating that to a smaller form factor. The company's new Gemini wireless earbuds might be more expensive than other alternatives, but they offer up a lot in exchange.

Devialet says that the Gemini earbuds have been built with “pressure balance architecture” that makes for enhanced audio quality. Like other premium options these days, the Gemini come with active noise cancellation and transparency modes, as well as a feature that adapts the equalization based on the shape of your ear. A touch button on the back of the buds provides access to common controls.

Even the case looks pretty slick.

Much like Devialet's other products, the Gemini earbuds sport a unique look that some people will love while others might not. In terms of battery life, the buds should last eight hours on a single charge, although that drops down to six hours with ANC enabled. The carrying case can juice the buds back up three and a half times, and supports Qi wireless charging and USB-C.

Pre-orders for the Gemini start tomorrow with the price set at $299. That's pretty high compared with other popular options like the AirPods Pro and Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live, but Devialet has packed a lot of features into these buds — if they manage to sound better than competing choices, they might not be a bad pick. I'd probably wait for them to go on sale, though.