You don't need to spend much to make climate control smarter and easier. Google's — sorry, Alphabet's — Nest Thermostat E is responsive to commands by voice. Grabbing a temperature sensor makes it all the more simple by programming. And you can get both today from Best Buy for $70 off.

The Nest Thermostat E is easy to install, easy to setup, easy to read, and easy to manage. Makes you wonder what the 'E' stands for, huh? We've got a full review of the product on Android Police. And with that temperature sensor, you'll be able to set the thermostat to turn up or turn off the heat when the room hits a certain temperature.

The bundle typically goes for $200 at the Google Store, a $10 discount from the two products' combined MSRPs. On Amazon, it's $178. But on Best Buy right now, it's all the way down to $130, that's $70 off. Just the Nest Thermostat E alone sells for $140 at the same retailer.