In its desperation to make 5G a thing anybody cares about — outside of conspiracy theorists who think it causes Covid-19 and kills people — Samsung is making a podcast. The promotional podcast is hosted by Britsh comedian Suzi Ruffell and Dr. Hannah Fry (she's a doctor, so you know you can trust her) as they aim to "uncover how 5G is transforming our everyday lives and building a better world."

If you don't know them, both presenters are great at what they do. Suzi is really funny, and Dr. Fry is a well-known mathematics professor who's made a name for herself with TV and public speaking appearances. They're not enough to distract from what is essentially a cynical marketing campaign focused on selling 5G phones to increasingly indifferent consumers. The first four episodes of the Whatever Next? podcast are apparently available on all major podcast platforms right now, although I wasn't able to find it on Pocket Casts, thankfully. It's up on Samsung's website, though, and I managed to get through the first few minutes (okay, slightly more than 37 seconds) of the first one before losing the will to live.

You have to give it to Samsung for the creative approach to 5G marketing, and it is an irreverent, humorous look at the technology from two respected personalities. But if the company really thinks it's going to make 5G relevant in a society besieged by a pandemic and the accompanying economic turmoil, it's surely mistaken. After just a few minutes of the podcast, I think I actually care about 5G slightly less, and I didn't think that was even possible. Do yourself a favor and don't click the source link below to find out more.