Google hasn’t been able to crack India’s highly competitive smartphone market with its expensive Pixel flagships, but it now seems bullish that its more reasonably priced a-suffixed lineup has a chance to finally hit a home run. In line with its previous announcement to bring the $349 crowd-pleaser to India in October, Google today announced the Pixel 4a at a price that is even lower than what was widely anticipated. The new Nest Audio speaker is also coming next week.

The Pixel range doesn’t move enough units in India to justify local manufacturing, which often means that hefty import duties are levied on Google's phones. This makes them look overpriced compared to alternatives from Xiaomi, OnePlus, and the like. To tackle the market dominance those companies possess in the region, Google has taken a leaf out of their book for its Pixel 4a pricing.

Taking a similarly aggressive approach, the Pixel 4a has been priced at ₹29,999 (~$410), including taxes — this is considerably less than the Pixel 3a’s launch price of ₹39,999 (~$547). It's an introductory price for Flipkart’s festive season sales, after which the 4a will sell at its full retail price of ₹31,999 (~$438), which is also very affordable. You’ll be able to pick up the Pixel 4a starting October 16 at the discounted price.

In addition to the budget Pixel, Google is also bringing its Nest Audio speaker to the Indian market with a slightly lower price compared to the original Home, along the same lines as its US pricing. It costs ₹7,999 (~$110) usually, but during its initial days as part of Flipkart’s mega sale, you’ll be able to grab one for ₹6,999 (~$96). After that sale is over, the Nest Audio will also hit shelves at other stores, including Reliance Digital and Tata Cliq. Only the standard Chalk and Charcoal options are coming to India, so we'll sadly not get any of those fancy pastel colorways.

Both the Pixel 4a and the Nest Audio received a big thumbs-up in our reviews. Check them out before before taking your pick ahead of this festive season.