I don't hear many people praising Android on tablets. (Chromebook tablets are the hot new thing in 2020.) But somebody forgot to tell TCL, apparently, because the budget phone manufacturer has launched a new 8" tablet. The TCL TAB might be a Verizon exclusive running an old version of Android, but it does have a surprise or two waiting.

The TCL TAB is on the smaller side for a tablet device. It weighs in at 326 grams, making it lighter than the old Nexus 7 with a slightly larger 8" full HD+ display. It can connect to 4G LTE, making it a nice travel device for streaming entertainment on the go. It has 32GB of storage, an octa-core Snapdragon chipset, and 3GB of RAM, so it should perform adequately enough under average use, and the 5,500mAh battery is capable of charging other devices with reverse charging capabilities. (It's not fancy wireless charging, though, and you'll need to buy a USB-C OTG cable separately.)

TCL has another unique trick baked into the TAB: fingerprint quick actions. The tablet allows users to register up to five different fingerprints and set each one to perform a unique function right from the lockscreen. A quick press of your middle finger, for example, can launch whatever preloaded Verizon bloatware you choose. The TCL TAB launches with Android 10 and is only promised one major OS update — but hey, it only costs $199.