We've already seen quite a bit about the upcoming OnePlus 8T leaked, and now OnePlus has gone ahead and released an official teaser for the phone. Here, it's showing off how the 8T's Aquamarine Green color (which we've seen in renders) came to be.

OnePlus says that it's been using matte glass backs for some time, but it decided to go with a gloss finish for the 8T. After four months of experimentation, the company was able to produce a backing that it deemed sufficiently glossy, thin, strong, and fingerprint-resistant. According to OnePlus, this production Aquamarine Green backing has seven layers to produce the green-blue shade and "takes advantage of diffuse reflection, a form of light refraction that scatters light in an expansive array of angles and directions, to produce a clean, gleaming surface that effectively mitigates the buildup of fingerprints."

The 8T is set to be unveiled on October 14th, which is less than a week away. Typically, OnePlus's -T variations don't add much, but perhaps this flashy new color will be enough to entice you to upgrade.