Smart home products are all the rage these days, but that doesn't mean "dumb" legacy alarm systems are obsolete. Nexx makes a variety of solutions that make things like garage doors and electrical outlets smarter, and now the company is turning its attention to alarm systems, delivering the power to arm, disarm, and self-monitor home security using a system that’s already installed.

The Nexx Smart Alarm works with ADT, DSC, First Alert, and Honeywell systems, giving them smart home functionality. It lets you keep the existing alarm features you find useful, while extending the alarm system to include new capabilities such as automated scheduling and remotely controlling the system.

While there are other options for making existing alarm systems smarter, Nexx includes broad compatibility with a range of home control platforms. With the Nexx Smart Alarm installed, users can issue voice commands to Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri to control and monitor the system. Sharing is also included so that multiple household members can have control over home security if necessary.

The smart alarm retails for $130, but it looks like the company is offering a discount right now that sees the price drop to $80. That price includes the basic features of the smart alarm like remote control and digital assistant integration, but you'll have to pony up an additional $3/month to access advanced functions like scheduling and zone detection.