Arlo's cameras are among the better options when it comes to home security. While the company's products are expensive, they offer a great feature set, even if you'll probably have to pay for Arlo's Smart subscription to unlock the full potential. Past models have always needed an additional hub to connect to Wi-Fi, but recent additions to the lineup have forgone that requirement for direct Wi-Fi connectivity. The same is true for the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight the company has just announced, making the Pro Spotlight series finally independent from hubs. Like its predecessor, the Pro 4 starts at $200.

Other than the new direct Wi-Fi connectivity, not too much has changed compared to the Arlo Pro 3. You still get 2K video with HDR, a 160-degree view, color night vision thanks to the integrated spotlight, wire-free setup, magnetic charging, Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, and a built-in smart siren.

Arlo says that the Pro 4's battery lasts up to 6 months compared to 3-6 months on the Arlo Pro 3, but that might just be a change in semantics — the company notes that the Pro 4's stamina might vary depending on which features you use.

If you don't want to worry about recharging the cam every once in a while, you can also get an optional solar panel, an accessory that's been long available for previous models.

You can pre-order the Pro 4 for $200 or $550 if you choose the kit consisting of three, with shipping starting at the end of October. The camera is available in black or white. First responders, nurses, and members of the military can get 25% off. If you want more information, check out our Arlo Pro 3 review.

Additionally, Arlo has announced that it's making the high-end Ultra 2 more widely available. It initially launched as a 4-pack Costco exclusive back in July 2020, but now it's also up for pre-order as a standalone on Arlo's website for $300.