Earlier this year, Google Photos was spotted testing a subscription that would send users prints of their photos every month. The trial program was shuttered in June in order for Google to incorporate changes based on user feedback, but now it looks like the experiment is back in development with more customizable prints and a new lower price.

The subscription, now called the premium print series, would appear alongside other print options like photo books and canvas prints. Rather than merely matte prints like the last time, Google is now offering users the choice of a glossy finish. Also customizable is what appears on the back of the prints (postcard info or photo details) and if a border is used or not.

But the best part of the revamped subscription might be the cost. Rather than charging $8 a month for ten 4x6 prints, it looks like the price has been dropped to $6.99. And like some other monthly subscription services, users can also decide to skip a month if they choose.

Here's the in-app subscription flow currently in testing based on screenshots shared to Twitter.

Google Photos is one of the most popular cloud storage options for keeping photos and videos safely backed up to the cloud, but Google probably can't afford to keep giving away unlimited high-quality storage forever. The company has added paid items like photo books and canvas prints over the years in an effort to turn the service profitable. It looks like this premium print series may be the next attempt to offset costs — and it actually seems like it could be pretty cool.