Google introduced big updates to G Suite yesterday, including a new name and brand identity. Among the changes is a new feature coming to Google Docs that allows a user to be mentioned directly in a document for easy access to smart suggested actions.

When writing in Docs, typing the “@” symbol now triggers a dropdown menu where you can search for the user you want to mention. It's a quick and easy way to add someone to a document, but it doesn't actually send them a notification or share the file with them automatically. Instead, it highlights the embedded name with a light gray background and provides smart actions like adding the person to your contacts or sending them an email while hovering over the text.

Previously, users could only be mentioned in comments on a document. The feature will gradually roll out over the next month until it reaches all Google Workspace customers around the end of October. There's no word on further availability at this time, but it's likely that this will come to average consumers somewhere down the line.