Samsung releases a lot of devices, which means it also issues a lot of security updates. While Google has a standard 3-year policy for Pixel devices, Samsung keeps a running list of when specific devices will receive security patches, and for how long. Now it looks like the company has made a few updates, including adding new devices to the list and dropping one older model entirely.

The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition was recently released to provide the essential S20 experience at lower prices. We're big fans of the phone, and now that it's reaching consumers, Samsung has added it to the list of devices receiving monthly security patches. Another device, the Galaxy Tab Active3 has also joined the club, although it will only receive patches quarterly.

Now for the sad news — the Galaxy Note8 is getting on in years now, so it will no longer receive monthly security patches. Instead, the company will keep it updated on a quarterly basis. The Galaxy J7 Prime, which was released around the same time as the original Google Pixel, is also seeing an unfortunate update alteration. It's been a good run, but it's being retired from the schedule completely. Bon voyage, old-timer. 👋