India's Google Pay app recently received a makeover under the hood with Flutter, Google's cross-platform app framework. Looking at some screenshots posted by XDA's Mishaal Rahman on Twitter, it appears that Google will soon be deprecating the current Pay app that the rest of the world uses in favor of the now-Flutter-powered Google Pay India app.

For those unfamiliar with the whole Google Pay app situation, the same Google Pay app is used globally with the exception of India, which gets its own Google Pay app. It was introduced in 2017 as Tez, but has since undergone a few rebranding instances and is now simply titled as Google Pay.

The screenshots above, courtesy of Mishaal Rahman from XDA, show that Google will be redirecting current Google Pay users to download "the new Google Pay," which is linked to the Play Store listing for the India-market Google Pay app. It makes sense for Google to be doing this, as it just invested in a Flutter rewrite for that app. Plus, the current one is getting a bit stale.

Google Pay for India is still currently geo-restricted to, well, India, but we expect that to change in the near future. In the meantime, you can check out the Google Pay app you'll soon be switching to below.