The new Chromecast with Google TV is not only a pretty good streaming device, but it's also Google's first product based on Android TV in a long time. The device is currently listed at $49.99, which is already a great price for everything you get, but sources say it could drop even lower on Black Friday.

We've learned from a source working at a popular retail store that Google's new streaming stick will be reduced to just $39.99 for Black Friday, which falls on November 27th this year. During last year's celebration of consumerism, the regular Chromecast dropped to $25 ($10 off), and the Chromecast Ultra was $50 ($20 off). Ten dollars might not seem like a worthwhile discount, but the stick is already $20 cheaper than the Chromecast Ultra was, with an added remote and full-featured operating system.

Google is also expected to sell a bundle of two Nest Audio speakers for $170, $30 off the typical price. That's less of a deal than the Chromecast offer, especially since Google already sells that bundle for $20 off, but it might be worth waiting for if you already planned on buying multiple smart speakers. Also, since we're still about two months away from Black Friday, these plans are still subject to change.

Chromecast deal pulled

Unfortunately, it looks like the Chromecast Black Friday deal was cancelled since we published our story. We remain confident in our source, but sometimes plans change. The same source correctly predicted the second deal highlighted in this post - $30 off two Nest Audios.

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