The first hands-on videos for new phones are usually shot at in-person events, but thanks to coronavirus, we hadn't actually seen any hands-on Pixel 5 footage until now. A YouTuber in the UK, totallydubbedHD, has posted a couple of videos with a Pixel 5 provided to him by Vodafone, giving the general public their first real look at the phone.

YouTuber totallydubbedHD explains that the phone was provided to him by Vodafone UK with no embargo or NDA disclosed, meaning that he's pretty much free to post whatever he wants about the phone. He's posted two videos so far, the first of which acts as a first look going over all aspects of the Pixel 5. The second one is a follow-up video in which he addresses questions that people on social media have been asking him about the phone.

You can watch the videos via the embeds above. His YouTube channel is linked below; it might be worth subscribing to if you're anxious to learn more about Google's latest and greatest.