You thought augmented reality was just a gimmick. You all thought that it was just a weird trick you'll use once and never again. You thought wrong. If you haven't seen it already, Home Depot makes and sells a $299 standing skeleton decoration with "LifeEyes" that stands 12 feet tall. We know a lot of you have an itch to purchase this. You should probably check if and where it will fit around your house before doing so.

Yes, we know that people on Twitter (including Twitter itself) are flexing their ownership/witness accounts of the real thing with its plastic and paint and... uh... LifeEyes. But you can also download the Home Depot app for the sole purpose of using its AR feature to project the skeleton into your room and do all of the memes with it.

It's the virtual harbinger of 2020 we've waited more than three-quarters of the year to insert into our TikToks — I guess that makes it more of a contemporary icon instead, but I wouldn't count out 2021 just yet.

Sadly, a spot check online indicates that stock of the actual skeleton appears to be extremely limited or gone, be it in-store or from the web-dedicated warehouses. Furthermore, we've been having trouble getting the 3D model to trigger on our Android phones, too.

A 2D sticker for a 5-foot skeleton. I feel cheated and unclean.

But you can try it out for yourself by downloading the app from the Play Store or APK Mirror today. Chances are that your phone will support ARCore, the API package needed to produce this... magic.

The Home Depot
The Home Depot
Price: Free