As part of the Google TV hullaballoo, Google is releasing a Google TV app later today, replacing the old Google Play Movies & TV app that some of our readers probably forgot existed. Based on leaks, this change in branding is universal, and Play Movies & TV is being replaced by Google TV everywhere. As before, the new app lets you manage your watchlist, view recommendations, and even watch content, though it also sports a fresh coat of paint to go with the branding change.

We weren't able to snag any time with the app before its announcement, and Google didn't give us any screenshots we can share, but we do know the app will have a new interface that better matches the Google TV experience on, well, your TV. That includes the big recommendations up at the top of the default pane. A screenshot we saw (but can't share) shows an interface that uses two sets of tabs for navigation (both top and bottom), with sections including "For You" recommendations, similar to the TV experience.

Leaks ahead of today's Launch Night In event suggested this change in branding will be even more widespread, with the old Play Movies & TV name being replaced by Google TV basically everywhere. That could mean folks watching movie purchases or rentals from the Play Store on their existing hardware will be using Google TV on Android TV — an entirely different thing from the brand new Google TV experience that runs on top of Android TV. Surely no one will get confused about that.

The old app isn't long for this world. 

The Google TV app update should be rolling out later today, and we'll be sure to let you know when it lands.

Thar she blows

The new version of the app is rolling out as we speak over on the Play Store, and we've got some images for you:

Google has also rolled out something of an FAQ regarding the change on its support forums. Don't worry, your library and purchases from the app's former incarnation are all still there, and things should generally work as they did before.

APK Download

If you are impatient and don't see the update available at the Play Store yet, we've got the APK over at our sister site APK Mirror:

Plus, we've got some more screenshots of the initial setup process: