When Stadia launched last year, it was a cool idea in theory that felt a bit lacking in practice. Seemingly simple things like using the Stadia controller wirelessly with phones, or plugging in USB-C headsets, weren't supported at first. Luckily, Google is working on addressing these issues with its cloud gaming service; the controller started working with phones and laptops earlier this summer, and now it looks like USB-C headsets are usable as well.

In the September Savepoint update, the Stadia team confirmed that USB-C headsets are now officially supported by the Stadia controller. The announcement does specify that it works when playing on Chromecast or on the web, so it seems like mobile users will still need to connect the headset directly to their device.

When Stadia debuted, a support page promised that support for USB-C headsets would be added "after launch." It's taken a bit longer than most of us expected, but at least the ability has finally arrived. Now maybe support for pairing Bluetooth headphones to the controller is next? The Stadia controller shipped with Bluetooth capabilities, but they have yet to be enabled. Perhaps by the time Stadia is officially supported on Google TV next year?