Ultimate Ears is probably best known for its adorable Bluetooth speakers in the Boom line up, but it also makes some rather pricey pro-level audio products, like IEMs used by artists on stage and in the studio. With those products, a customized fit is necessary, but these tend to be far too expensive for most (shall we say, less talented) people. Thankfully, a new set of earbuds has just been announced that offers DIY custom-fitting for a fraction of the cost.

The new UE Fits true wireless earbuds are apparently the first Quick Custom-Fit product of their kind, using Lightform technology to "harden gel-filled tips to the contours of each ear" in a process that takes less than a minute. This is supposed to make the earbuds more comfortable to wear for long periods as well as improving passive noise isolation and sound quality. They don't include active noise cancellation, for what it's worth, but they may not need it if the fit is as good as promised.

As for other specs, the UE Fits use dynamic 10mm drivers and can go eight hours on a single charge, up to 20 hours in total with what's in the carry case. Touch controls allow for play/pause, answer/hang up commands by default, but can also be customized in the accompanying app to activate a voice assistant, adjust the volume, or skip tracks. Dual mics should hopefully make for half-decent call quality. They are also sweatproof (IPX3), so you'll be able to wear them when you go for a run. Codec support includes SBC, AAC, and APT-X.

UE Fits come in grey, lilac, and navy — they usually cost $250 but you can nab them for just $200 right now thanks to a pre-sale offer. They will ship later in the fall, and if you're not happy with them within 30 days, you can just send them right back, risk-free.