OnePlus is set to announce its 8T phone on October 14 and has confirmed that it will do so with a gamified experience. Whereas in years past the company has sent fans on tours of a virtual spaceship and its corporate headquarters filled with cheeky purchase codes, this experience will be an entire so-called OnePlus World.

Prospective viewers who want to participate are advised to head to to create an avatar like something you'd find in Second Life with which to explore a spartan, sometimes downright horrifying 3D environment in which they must navigate with their WASD and arrow keys. Stationed around the area are simplistic minigames recalling the glory days of Adobe Flash project haven Newgrounds in which players compete one-on-one to pong a ball or find Hertz crystals (gotta point out that 120Hz Fluid Display) and visual exhibitions like a photo gallery featuring works shot from OnePlus devices and the prerequisite brand history timeline for a firebrand phone company that has resorted to a weird gimmick like this one.

Doing any and all of these things will earn fans rewards points which will increase their chances to win accessory giveaways as well as a proper OnePlus 8T.

The October 14 launch party, happening at 7 a.m. PDT, can also be seen in the OnePlus World (besides a livestream on the OnePlus YouTube channel). Users can create viewing rooms and host friends as they watch the event live. Straight afterwards, they can virtually unbox the device and buy a promotional bundle that includes the 8T.

If you want to play an open-world version of Neopets and farm points for the chance at winning a shiny new phone, I guess this would be your time to shine. We're judging the makers of the experience, not you.