The Newton Mail story has had a lot of plot twists over the years. The popular third-party email client announced it was shutting down in 2018, only to be revived by Essential later on. That didn't work out for obvious reasons, but the app returned to life earlier this year and now it's back with a brand-new coat of paint — and some new features as well.

Dark mode has officially landed in Newton Mail across all platforms. It's a true dark mode, and it includes everything from the UI to the contents of emails themselves. 😍 But this isn't just a cosmetic update. The new developers have also added multi swipe on mobile devices so you can take action on emails that much faster. The app as a whole should be less buggy and more reliable, too.

When Maitrik Kataria and Justin Mitchell bought the app from Essential, it was just the two of them. Since then, they've formed a team of eight full-time developers to work on making Newton as good as it can be. This release is the first of many planned updates, with things like unified folder and a better search experience coming down the line.

It's been a bumpy couple years for Newton Mail, but it seems like it's finally back on track and in the right hands. Version 10.0.51 is rolling out now on the Play Store, but you can download it directly from APK Mirror to get that sweet true dark mode ASAP.