Google Play Music is on the way out (the desktop Music Manager has just been discontinued), and it looks like the company is polishing up YouTube Music as much as it can ahead of the full shutdown. Just a few days ago, Spotify-like personalized mixes popped up for a few people, and now some topical top tabs have appeared that sure seem inspired by the regular YouTube app. A few personalized mixes have also resurfaced in these tabs.

Left: YouTube Music with top tabs. Middle: YouTube. Right: YouTube Music without top tabs.

The new top tabs seem to be part of a limited a/b test that's currently rolling out to a few people, including our tipster who has also posted the screenshots to Reddit. The top tabs are similar to the ones we see in the YouTube video app — pill-shaped bubbles below the top bar let you filter the content on your home screen for various occasions, such as Workout, Focus, Relax, or Commute. In contrast to their namesakes in Explore -> Moods, each of the new sections has its own topical mixes, consisting of both curated playlists and automatically generated ones fitting your taste.

Above: New top-bar sections. Below: Current mood sections.

When you tap the individual bubbles, the header gets a fitting background image, and you'll find that each section has its own topical "supermix" playlist that consists of songs based on your personal preference. These playlists first appeared back in July as "Focus Mix," "Energy Mix," and "Workout Mix," only to disappear mysteriously over the next few weeks for most people. A "Chill Mix" even initially appeared back in 2019. The new supermixes are just a rebranded version of these lists, and thanks to our tipsters, we can verify that the URLs are identical. Supermixes have also appeared for some people independently of the tabbed interface.

Additionally, a few numbered mixes for all topics are available in the sections if you don't like what your supermix is playing. And if you prefer curated playlists, YouTube Music has you covered, too: The sections collect a variety of fitting curated mixes that were previously loosely scattered throughout the Home and Explore sections of the app, partially tucked away in Moods and Genres.

The new supermixes and numbered mixes are personalized, much like the My Mixes.

Since the new top bar and the reintroduced mixes are dependant on a server-side switch, there's no app update to install that will magically make these changes appear. It's still a good idea to stay up-to-date, so check the Play Store for the latest release or get it from APK Mirror. So far, the new interface seems to be limited to the YouTube Music app — we haven't seen any reports of it appearing on the web version. The mixes should be available on both platforms, though.

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