Last week, smart home specialist Wyze announced its first foray into the over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones market alongside some other novelties like a $30 video doorbell and a smart thermostat. Back then, the price was still up for debate for the headphones, but that's changing today as the company is opening pre-orders. The Wyze Headphones will only cost $50, which could make them the absolute bang-for-buck champion. They're less than the budget Tribit QuietPlus 72 headphones we liked in our review.

The Wyze Headphones check all the usual boxes: It supports Bluetooth 5.0 (SBC and AAC) and maintains two device connections at the same time. Active noise-cancelation and a pass-through mode are both on board, and the 1,000mAh battery supposedly provides enough juice for 20h of playback with noise-canceling enabled. A full charge takes two hours via USB-C, and there's also a headphone jack if you don't have any power left for Bluetooth and noise-canceling. Wear detection helps save some more battery, as the headphones automatically stop playing audio when you take them off.

The exterior looks sleek for the price: The headband consists of a "multilayer composite of stainless steel," EVA foam, and the ear cushions are padded with memory foam, both wrapped in artificial leather. The whole package weighs about 10oz. Playback and the integrated Amazon Alexa can be controlled via buttons and touch controls, scattered across both sides of the headphones.

All of this sounds very promising, even compared to much more expensive devices like the Sony WH-1000XM4, but of course, only independent reviews will give us a full picture of what we can expect from these headphones. You can pre-order the headphones on Wyze for $50, and they'll start shipping in November.