Remember Pokémon Go? The global phenomenon came to Android in 2016 and was downloaded from the Play Store over a million times in a single month. Players have kept on "catching 'em all" since then, with Niantic making some temporary changes to the game earlier this year due to the pandemic. Now it looks like some of those changes are going permanent — but others are vanishing faster than a wild Rattata.

The biggest change being reverted is the hatch distance for eggs. Back in March, the game cut the distance required by 50% in order to accommodate stay-at-home orders. Starting tomorrow, October 1, players will be required to walk normal distances of up to around six miles to hatch an egg. Other disappointing developments include the increased effectiveness of incense only applying while walking, not being guaranteed a gift when you spin a PokéStop, and only receiving one gift a day from Buddy Pokémon.

However, some of the other temporary changes are still going to remain in effect for now. Players will still be able to carry up to 20 gifts at a time in their item bag and receive three times the stardust and XP for their first Pokémon catch of the day. Furthermore, the duration of incense will stay at sixty minutes — plenty of time for attracting new creatures. Also sticking around is the ability to play in the Go Battle League without having to walk. Sending remote invitations to raids and the increased PokéStop and gym radius aren't going anywhere, either. Finally, incubators will be included in more boxes in the in-game shop.

2020 hasn't been the most advantageous year for Pokémon Go, since group meetings and events like Community Days aren't as popular as they once were. There are still some exciting things on the roadmap for the game later this year, though, including more Pokémon, more Mega creatures, and integration with Pokémon Home. If you're looking for new ways to entertain yourself while stuck at home, why not become a Pokémon trainer yourself? You can download the app from the Play Store or directly from APK Mirror.

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Pokémon GO
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