Remember a few months ago when Google teased an announcement for July 13th, only a week after the company said it was working on a new smart speaker? Remember how the big announcement was just that the Google Store had sales on hardware bundles, and the sales weren't even that good? Now Google is doing that again, but in a more permanent way.

The Google Store now has three new bundle categories based around Nest hardware: Video Entertainment, Audio Entertainment, and Home Security. There are seven different bundles available in total, ranging from sort-of-a-good deal to laughable attempts to sell you more Nest speakers than you probably need. All the configurations are listed below.

Video Entertainment

Audio Entertainment

Home Security

All told, most of the bundles only take ~10-15% off the cost of buying the devices separately, and that's ignoring the fact that the individual items often go on sale at other retailers — how often do people really pay full MSRP for most Google hardware? The only discount that stands out as decent is the two-pack of Nest Minis, which comes out to be around 25% off buying them individually. By Grabthar's Hammer, what a savings.