You may remember way back when in May of 1920 2020 that Google made its relatively new enterprise-focused videoconferencing program Meet free for anyone to use. Everyone would be able to make free calls of unlimited length* through September 30. Well, just a day ahead of its expiration, the company has decided to extend that grace through March 31, 2021.

All Gmail accounts can continue to make calls that are longer than 30 minutes — the original limit intended for the free version — for free during the fall and winter seasons when holidays are high and school continues to be an iffy picture.

There is an actual time limit on all calls, though: 24 hours. But unless you're attempting a world record or something, we're not sure that would be so overbearing.

Google highlighted other recent feature adds including Chromecast compatibility, background blur, and a digital whiteboard. Lest we forget which audience Meet was intended for, though, do note that it has hardware kits for corporate conference rooms priced in the four digits.