Galaxy phone owners have access to a whole bunch of customization options through Samsung’s Good Lock app. This month alone, the app got two major modules in the form of Pentastic and Wonderland, for tweaking the S Pen and device wallpapers, respectively. Now, Good Lock is all set to add a few new capabilities to improve your typing experience, better manage who gets priority on the share screen, and how apps respond to device rotation.

Keys Cafe is a catchy name for an upcoming app that handles keyboard customizations. Besides some themes to personalize the on-screen keyboard, the app will introduce some sort of game that will score you to “help minimize your typos.” In addition to that, you’ll get the standard stuff like the option to change the keyboard height and width to match what you’re comfortable using.

An update to the Home Up app, meanwhile, will help you better manage your phone’s share screen. You’ll be able to prioritize or hide apps and contacts using Share Manager. We're also seeing the MultiStar app get a section called I ♡ Galaxy Tablet (totally not making this up). Wireless Keyboard Share under it lets you connect your tablet’s physical keyboard with your Galaxy phone and even quickly switch between the two.

The changes introduced in the MultiStar app have already been going live for Galaxy tablet owners over the past week. Samsung says that Keys Cafe and the updated Home Up are coming to compatible devices sometime early next month.