YouTube Music has been picking up the pace lately in adopting some well-liked features of the outgoing Google Play Music. In addition to all the inherited stuff, the streaming app has also been getting a whole bunch of new features to make the experience more personalized and engaging for its users. In line with that, YouTube Music is now adding a new My Mix section that offers several playlists tuned according to your music taste — but they aren't live for everyone yet.

YouTube Music has supported personalized playlists in some form for a while; it even added new ones quite recently. But the biggest problem with the existing Your Mix playlist is that it jumbles all your songs into a single list without any division based on genre or mood. So at one point you’re listing to some mellow jazz, and then the app decides to jolt you with heavy metal. With My Mix, which is much like Spotify’s Daily Mix, YTM will categorize your music under seven playlists, giving you a bit more control over what you want to listen to.

So far, My Mix playlists have appeared only on YouTube Music’s web client for our tipsters, while a few others have got them on the mobile app as well. Meanwhile, no one on our team has spotted the new section yet, so Google is either testing these changes for a limited group or is in the process of a wider rollout. To be clear, your existing playlists, including the ones YouTube Music has created, aren’t going anywhere; they continue to exist and periodically update alongside these new My Mixes.

Left: Last played from Search, Right: Quick picks.

In addition to these new custom lists, YouTube Music is also testing a bunch of little tweaks across the app. For one user, the player UI won’t take up the whole screen anymore when they select a song, while another user saw a new interface for their recent searches. Among these is Quick picks, which starts radio based on the song you selected. While this feature sounds neat, it hasn’t seen a wider availability even days after it first popped up — there's always the chance these features may never see general availability.

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