Apple Music might be upping its game on Android, but Spotify is no slouch. From karaoke mode to offline playback for free users, the defacto music streaming service has been experimenting with a lot of new additions recently — and we've spotted another that makes one of Spotify's best features even better.

It looks like a new icon is rolling out in the Now Playing bar that gives users fast access to Spotify Connect devices. The icon appears to the left of the heart icon, making the track title and artist name move onto separate lines. Previously, these appeared on the first line and a "devices available" message showed up on the second, though you couldn't tap on it directly. Spotify has already updated its online how-to page, so it should be coming to everyone on mobile before too long.

Left: Previous Now Playing bar     Right: Current Now Playing bar

One of the coolest things about Spotify is how simple it makes connecting to other devices. Whether it's a smart TV or an Assistant-enabled speaker, Spotify users can quickly transfer music playback from one device to another. The mobile app can even control music playing on a laptop or tablet. YouTube Music might be the default and Apple Music might look better, but Spotify's special kind of interconnectivity remains unmatched by its competitors. And now it'll be even faster to get to without opening up the dedicated Now Playing UI.

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