Google Meet (formerly Hangouts Meet) has become an essential tool for workplaces and schools across the world, following the rise of COVID-related lockdowns and work-from-home measures. Google has been rapidly adding features over the past few months, and the latest improvement is noise cancellation on mobile platforms.

Google first started rolling out noise cancellation in Google Meet in April, and it arrived in more countries in July. However, the functionality was only ever available on desktop platforms — until now. "Google Meet can now intelligently filter out background noise on Android and iOS," according to a new post on the official G Suite Updates blog. "This means Meet will automatically remove distracting from your mobile device’s audio input while still letting your voice through."

The blog post says the feature is starting to roll out today, but it's not clear if it's being activated server-side, or if it requires a new app update. The latest Google Meet version available on Android is 2020.09.06.332324186, which was published on September 24th. The noise cancellation option doesn't appear on my devices with the latest APK.

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